Venue: South East European Research Centre (SEERC)

24 Proxenou Koromila Street, Thessaloniki 54622, Conference Room, 3rd floor



Meeting Minutes

Thursday 10th October  


  • Welcome and introduction by IHU
  • Discussion on the remarks of the Midterm Report and the prolongation request
  • WP2 : Overview of completed activities (2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
  • Piloting and evaluating new Curricula and its components at all partner Universities (Activity 2.4)
  • Mobility of Program Countries lecturers to deliver the lectures in Armenia (Activity 2.5)
  • Establishment of a network with appropriate sustainability policy and management scheme (Activity 3.1)
  • Adoption of the network strategic document.
  • Creation of capacities in participating universities for effective teaching and learning process (Activity 3.2)
  • Short term training (Activities 3.3. & 3.4)
  • Student Start up projects and planning of staff and student mobility (Activities 3.5 & 3.6)






Topics discussed Decisions / Actions / Responsibilities
– Remarks of the Midterm Report.


A detailed reading of the evaluation report and the remarks followed by comments and clarifications took place

·         All remarks should be discussed further and addressed during the meeting’s discussion per WP
– Prolongation request.


A formal letter for prolongation has been prepared by the coordinator (IHU)  explaining the causes of the delay and the expected results of the prolongation

·         After consulting the Project Officer (prior of the project meeting) Prof Thomidis suggested (and it was accepted unanimously) that the letter should be send a few months before the formal end of the project, in order o have more flexibility regarding the duration of the prolongation
WP2 Overview


2.1 (Curriculum structure) is completed


2.2 (Curriculum Content)

Presentation of the new modules of the  Armenian Universities


ANAU : 18 new modules (12 comp. – 6 opt.)

Will register students Sept 2020

ShiSU : Master degree (3 semesters + Thesis)

Rectorate decision for additional courses


YSU : No new degree program. Adaptation of the previous CBHE 6 modules. Increased number of optional modules


GSU : No new modules (contradiction with the statement in the midterm report)


·         Prof.  P. Pitia will collect the last version of the deliverables of the  Activity 2.2 from the Armenian partners


·         Idea : A workshop rder organized at the Armenian Ministry of Education in order to present the new modules

2.3 (Intensive trainings followed by workshop) was completed in Teramo


2.4 Piloting and evaluating the new Curricula


– Will take place during next academic year 2020 – 21 (taking into account the prolongation)


– It takes the final edition of Del. 2.2


·         Two Qnr forms will be delivered to teachers and students in all the Armenian Universities for recording training needs (N. Hov)

·         An internal Qnr to evaluate the impact will be carried out in every  University after finishing the pilots

2.5 Mobility of EU lecturers to Armenia


– To be organized according to the academic needs of Partner countries and to the availability of the staff of the Program countries universities

·         A table (Google Sheet) will be used in order to collect info about availability and to do the matching

·         Each Partner Country University should nominate a contact person (suggested by N. Hov.)

2.6 Workshop (in Porto) for the discussion of

elaborated joint degree scheme


·         To be scheduled
Establishment of a network with appropriate sustainability policy and management scheme (Activity 3.1)


Prof N. Hovhannisyan presented in details the first edition of the strategic document.

Most of the participants took part in the discussion, mainly regarding the prospective partners of the Network and the respective procedures.

Dr Ed. Cardoso suggested that a summary of the document and an electronic form of participation should be produced to be used for “promotional” reasons


·         All the partners should study the document and provide remarks

·         A summary of the document and a form with the necessary data of the prospective participants should be produced (N.Hov)

·         These two documents at their final edition should be uploaded to the project’s website (N.Hov)

·         Suggestion for organization of workshop(s) with prospective partners of the network in Armenia

Short term training (Activities 3.3. & 3.4)

Workshop and Training packages


– To be organized in Teramo (Spring 2020)

– One day per subject

– Topics should be announced early


·         Suggestion for exchange of study visit among staff of the Armenian Universities (ANAU)
Activities 3.5 & 3.6

– Development of students start up projects

– Students mobility (PC to EU) for final thesis

work and start up projects piloting


Suggestion from P.P. for 1 min pitching of the startup ideas in video.


12 Students from Armenia to EU HEIs for final thesis work and start up projects

Piloting. The main prerequisite for the students’ mobility is the partnership to receive the second installment of the financing

Typical prerequisites for the students are a Europass CV and motivation letter.

TUD requires additionally a B1-B2 qualification in German language.

·         Table for organizing the students mobility




Friday 11th October


  • Equipment (WP3)
  • Financial and administrative issues (WP6)
  • Establishment of double degree scheme between the EU and Partner Countries (Activity 2.7)
  • Dissemination (WP5) – Sustainability
  • Planning of next events and actions.






Topics discussed Decisions / Actions / Responsibilities
Equipment (WP3, Activity 3.2)

Presentation by each one of the 4 Armenian Universities of the current status regarding the procurement procedures.

The situation is as follows :

– YSU has completed the procedure (provider paid) and has the laboratory equipment already in operation, while expecting for the delivery of the electronic equipment

– GSU and ShiSU have completed part of the procedure and they are on the way to procure the rest of equipment

– ANAU has spent a small part of the budget (on audiovisual and computer equipment) and should continue with a new call for tender for laboratory equipment

·         GSU and ShiSU should complete the contracting and payment procedures

·         ANAU should accelerate its procedures in order to complete them by the end of the year


WP6  Financial and administrative issues


Presentation of the current financial situation (statement) of the project by N.Zacharis (IHU), in details regarding all Budget categories.

There is need for cost reporting in order to overcome the threshold of 70% expenditure to claim the 2nd installment of funding.

Prof Th. Thomidis proposed an amendment of the Partnership Agreement regarding the delay of the payment of the final 10% of the funding to every partner until the payoff of all the project liabilities

by the partners

·         All partners to report the equipment costs, the recent staff costs (until end of September) and the travel expenses by the 21st of October 2019

·         The  amendment of the Partnership Agreement has been decided unanimously


2.7 Establishment of joint degree scheme between the EU and PCs


– A comprehensive presentation by Prof P.Pitia about joint/ double degree schemes in EU (more details


– Discussion about the responsibilities of the partners within the project regarding the deployment of the joint degree scheme.


­- Extended discussion about the alternatives

(Prof Thomidis, N. Hovhannisyan)


·         The decision taken during Teramo meeting to proceed with a double degree scheme was confirmed

·         All the Armenian Universities should finalize the content and the internal procedures in order to be able to offer the new modules

·         The Project Countries Universities should facilitate the future reception of the post-graduate students for research work during the final semester /thesis work


Dissemination (WP5)

Prof N. Hovhannisyan presented in details the new edition of the project website.  The issue of the content was discussed specially regarding the deliverables and the forthcoming activities.

Dissemination strategy was discussed, based on the contributions of Ed. Cardoso and Val. Grigoryan.

·         To add content in the website pages

·         To report the new dissemination activities using the template

·         IHU to produce leaflet, poster and video in English for common use


Planning of next events and actions.


Next project meeting and workshops were discussed and planned





·         Next meeting in Armenia (end of March – start of April 2020)

·         Short training for Armenian Universities staff in Teramo




Sunday 13th October

Coordination meeting with the Armenian partners


  • Upgrading technical resources and introduction of new teaching and learning methods. Update of the current situation and perspectives
  • Major challenges and opportunities of the project for the Armenian Universities.
  • Final conclusions






Topics discussed Decisions / Actions / Responsibilities
Participants representing all the Armenian universities presented in details (using ppts with tables and photos) the current situation regarding the available resources (old and newly obtained) for the support and implementation of the new courses.

The major challenge is all Universities to become capable of achieving the project objectives, implementing in time and with accepted quality the final deliverables of the project.

There are very good possibilities all the deliverables to be finalized (taking into account the prolongation)


·         Universities which are behind the time -schedule (either in equipment’s procurement or in completing other deliverables) should accelerate


ABIONET Thessaloniki Meeting Minutes (ver_1)

ABIONET Thessaloniki Project meeting Agenda



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