WP2. Development of the Curriculum content

2.2 Development of content per each module (learning outcomes,
curriculum map, module contents, design of program materials),
based on the practice-oriented learning approach.

2.4 Piloting and evaluating new Curricula and its components at all partner Universities

33 students enrolled in the new/updated Master Programmes in
the 4 Armenian HEIs, completed their studies and evaluated them

2.5 Mobility of program country lecturers to deliver the lectures in Armenia.

Three experts from each EU HEIs were to deliver the lectures in
respective fields at all Armenian HEIs.
Due to the pandemic only experts from TUD visited Armenia for live

In order to support the Activity, 15 webinars were organized and
delivered in two periods from 2/7/2020 to 11/09/2020 with the
contribution of academic and research staff of the European
partners (UNITE, UCP, TUD, IHU)

2.6 Workshop and discussion of elaborated joint degree schemes

On 12-13 April 2021 a virtual workshop was organised with sessions
dedicated to the discussion of the Joint Master Degree.
Thereafter a series of online dedicated meetings were organised
involving a core group of partners led by UNITE including YSU, IHU,
UCP) to discuss on specific aspects of the JMD scheme including
Learning outcomes, structure of the JMD, quality assurance etc.

2.7 Establishment of joint degree scheme between the EU and PCs initiated

The academic staff of all members participated in this activity, in
order to establish the operational scheme for the initiation of the
Joint Master Degree in selected priority areas among the HEIs (both
EU and PC), upon completion of the project.
The scheme of the ABIONET JMD was presented at the final project
event and meeting.