WP2. DEVELOPMENT – Development of new curriculum oriented on bioproducts science and


Lead Organization: UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI TERAMO – will be leading organization and together with YSU, who will be responsible for coordination of all activities within WP 2 and ensuring of communication between partners. UniTe will responsible for the assisting in the curriculum development especially the entrepreneurship related components. Assisting in development of QA system, as well as preparation of required documents for external accreditation

Participating Organisation: All the members will be actively involved in this WP. UCP also will assist in the curriculum development especially in the field of agrifood related topics. UCP will provide two academic staff to deliver lectures on curriculum development during trainings organized in UniTe. IHU will assisting in the curriculum development especially practice orienting modules,

also will provide lecturers, as TUD for the training in Italy. Armenian universities ANAU, SUSh, GSU will be activelly involved in development of curriculum structure and harmonization it within their universities requirements. All partners will work on development of joint degree schemes and possibilities. All will contribute during the workshop too. Associated partners will highly contribute to the Identification of learning outcomes and development of curriculum structure

Description: Based on the preparation step data development, as well as program countries partners’ expertise in developing of interdisciplinary practice integrated learning programs development of new curricula on bio-products science and technology according to the narrow specialization of each University and priority fields identified


  1. Development of Curricula Structure
  2. Development of the practice oriented learning approach base on which new program Content Development
  3. Development and elaboration of knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship component within the Bioproducts science and technology curriculum
  4. 3 days intensive trainings of Partner Country Universities admin and teaching staff field of integration of business and entrepreneurship in the life sciences curriculum hosted by UniTE, sharing of UniTe best practices in the field of students integration in the process of generation of innovative projects for bio products design and production. It will be followed by two days workshop which includes discussion of developed preparatory discussion on students start up project piloting (6 flows EU – EU and PC-EU 12 flows).
  5. Development and piloting of students start up projects implementation plan between Armenian and EU universities
  6. Elaboration of QA and management procedures
  7. Establishment of joint degree Master programs scheme between the EU and Armenia.