WP3. NETWORK – The establishment of multi- disciplinary network between Centers, Departments and Laboratories of Armenian and European Universities to cover bio-products science and technology education with an effective communication and management network between all participating universities

Lead Organization: Yerevan State University & with Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki – are responsible for coordination of all activities within WP 3 and ensuring of communication between partners. Responsible for development of Network sustainability policy, strategic documents for organization of short term training courses and MSc programs.

Participating Organisation: All program and partner countries HEI’s. All partner country HEIs YSU, ANAU, SUSh, GSU will be actively involved in all tasks but will also work on development of Netwroks infrastructure and actvities. They will also activelly work on upgrading of their resources in order to be able to hast trainigns and implement master courses. Responsible for the development of structure and academic content of short term training UniTE and UCP will assisst also in selection of

delivery methods of short term training courses, as well as in handbooks writing. UniTE, IHU and TUD in development of innovative start up project s implementation approaches for students to be integrated within the network system plan.

Description: Establishment of Network of Excellence with the aim of delivery and manage effectively education, research, innovation by sharing the resources, skills, capacities between all involved partners. A pool of excellence in Bioproducts Science and Technology is created. Sharing of experience on such partnership and contribution to establishment the fruitful partnership with industry both in terms of students placement and also in terms of Joint researches. The main output for this activity will be to pilot such links within the framework of New MSc program locally and internationally. The network will insure effective interactions between teachers, researchers, professionals industry representatives and will focus activities of education and training not only master students and also post-graduated students (eg. Postgraduation- specialisation courses) in a Life long learning perspective, and curriculum development


  1. Network sustainability policy, management scheme with guideline on best practices developed together with EU partners.
  2. Creation of capacities in participating universities for effective teaching and learning process
  3. Within the network established development of short term selective courses on modern tools on bio-products innovative technology for Master, as well as PhD students
  4. Development and piloting of students start up projects implementation plan between Armenian and EU universities and procurement of joint degree schemes
  5. Introduction of distance teaching and development of distance learning packages.