Lead Organization: Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia & Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki – are responsible for the production of quality control strategy, methodology and instruments to be deployed during the lifespan of the project. Responsible for the production of reports on outcomes

Participating Organisation: All partners are involved. Development of quality control and methodology developed by YSU through qualitative and quantitative questionnaires for the internal and external evaluation of the project. All partner HEIs managers will be responsible for intermediate progress report generation and presentation.

Description: Quality control and monitoring of the project will take place on both an internal and external basis. For internal monitoring, the aspects will be:

– regular updates on progress provided to the administrative and technical coordinators (periodicity showing Management section, below);

– preparation of a Critical Path Diagram for the project to be monitored and adhered to;

– creation of an evaluation board (EB) made up of one contact person per consortium member and charged with monitoring progress in their own tasks and also assessing the outputs of others;

– regular coordination meetings.

For external monitoring, the consortium will identify one other Tempus project for inter Tempus project coaching. One expert from this project will be invited to some meetings to share their views on the project progress and outputs. Funds have been made available to invite this expert under Subcontract.


Project Progress Monitoring

External Quality Control