Lead Organization: Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki – MoES RA will participate on exploitation of master programmes and short term courses and dissemination of appropriate information with YSU and ATHEI are responsible for setting the project image through the design department. This will include logo, color scheme, fonts, etc. YSU will take care of the selection of the website domain. its purchase, design and development of the web-site

Participating Organization: All HEI’s. All partners will work on the text of the leaflets under the supervision of the coordinator, who will collate the documents and produce the final editions. Updating of the website with the relevant information. Additionally UCP will develop internet based open source systems, to organize and promote the collaboration across the partnership, as well as open source software solutions to support a CoP – Community of Practice on BioResources S&T.

Description: Transfer and dissemination of project outcomes to HEIs, teachers, researchers, representatives of industry sector, important number of bachelor, master

students, government bodies and all stakeholders in education, scientific and international community in fields related to food sciences and related research processes.

This will be done not only by direct transfer of information but also within the task of establishment of network, which means development of interation with other stakeholders in Armenia and EU. For instance the UniTe will contribute in development of interaction with ISEKI_Food Association.


Development and running of project web site

Dissemination: traditional print vehicles

Networking and contacts