1) Project Coordinator (IHU)

2) Technical Coordination Assistance (YSU)

3) Management and Evaluation Board (All partners – 1 contact person)


Project Coordinator (IHU) is responsible for the overall operation and smooth running of the action in terms of budget, quality control, completion of tasks, liaison with partners, the European Commission and external parties, and the production of foreseen objectives and outputs, plus setting guidelines for their production. Thessaloniki Aleksander technological educational Institution will be in charge of the financial and administrative implementation of the project, preparing reports and overseeing partner spending.

Technical Coordination Assistance (YSU) is responsible for assisting in the overseeing of the scientific aspects of the project, being experts in the topic area field and also holding the viewpoint of a beneficiary which is essential in makingthe outputs useful. YSU will assist in keeping timelines, reviewing deliverables, setting guidelines for outputs, and assessing their applicability and usefulness.

Evaluation Board (All partners, one person per consoritum member) will be the persons responsible for providing progress updates from each of the partners, and will act as contact point between the Coordinator and any other persons involved in the project. They are responsible for guiding the direction of the project and also keeping it in line with the strategic goals of each member organisation. EB also provides the necessary information for reports, and takes care of disseminating the project information appropriately within their own institution / local community

LEAD ORGANIZATION: IHU – Project grant holder and coordinator, financial management, administration, report writing, data collection, dissemination and internal communication strategy, verification of implementation of project outcomes. IHU will host kick up meeting, as well as final meeting (PMB 6 meeting).

Participating Organisation: All other partners will ensure local management, administration, report writing, data collection, verification of implementation of project.