Partner The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia
Acronym MESCS
Institutional Coordinator Robert SUKIASYN
Additional Contacts Syuzanna Ghazaryan

Hasmik Arakelyan

Lusine Grigoryan


Partner Profile According to the Law on Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education MESCS is the main executive body that elaborates and implements the policies of the Republic of Armenia in the sphere of education and research. It is in charge of making decisions regarding development of the higher education system at institutional, legislative and policy level. Ministry is authorised to: develop the State Programme for Educational Development and the procedure for elaboration and approval of the state educational standards; exercise supervision over the implementation of the State Programme for Educational Development and the application of state educational criteria; ensure the development and publication of model general education programmes, curricula, syllabuses, textbooks and training manuals; carry out the licensing of educational institutions; establish the procedure for identification and recognition of equivalence of educational documents of foreign states; ensure the formation, implementation and supervision over the development programmes for state education institutions; carry out supervision over the quality of higher and postgraduate professional education; carry out analysis of labor market with the relevant bodies and submit proposals to the Government of the Republic of Armenia on admission to higher education institutions; approve the procedure for quality assurance process within higher education institutions and the organizations providing higher professional education etc. Department of Policy development of higher  and postgraduate professional education of the Ministry will ensure that all activities implemented by Armenian partner HEIs are to be in compliance with national policies and priorities set in the strategic national regulations in the sphere of education. It also will ensure dissemination of project results and outcomes among Armenian HEIs multiplying positive effect of the project at national level.