The main objective of ABioNet project is at filling the gaps between the education, entrepreneurship and innovation. The integration newly developed practice based Msc programme with student startup projects in biobased production will be a generator of the links between the bio production and education sectors. Another component is the development short term training courses for different stakeholders to formulate skills in bio product design and production.

We anticipate that the main outcomes of this project will be:

  1. Needs assessment of Armenian Universities in Appropriate teaching and learning resources including curricula structure and content
  2. Development of New curricula on bio products science and technology according to the narrow specialization of each University taking into account the best practices of EU universities

3.The establishment of multi- disciplinary network between Enterprises, Production Centers, Departments ,Laboratories of Armenian and European Universities to cover bio-products science and technology education with an effective communication and management network between all participating universities.

3.1. Development and elaboration of knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship component within the Bioproducts science and technology curriculum

3.2. Development and piloting of students start up projects implementation plan between Armenian and EU universities

  1. Equipping the teaching and research laboratories with basic and advanced equipment based on the needs identified to be used and shared within the network for organization of laboratory classes as well as master thesis works
  2. Based on the new curriculum in Armenian Universities development of Joint master degree programmes between EU and Armenian Universities
  3. Within the network established development of short term selective courses on modern tools on bio-products innovative technology for Master, as well as PhD students
  4. Introduction of new IT solutions for effective using of the resources between the partners and organization of distance learning and teaching activities