Special Mobility Strand


Relevance of mobility activities


The mobility planned for this project focuses on two important activities.

  • Student mobility to programme partner HEI’s in order to implement all cycle of the master thesis at the partner university and/or enterprise. The idea is to effectively pilot the start up ideas proposed by the students enrolled within the Master Programme developed by the partners.
  • Teachers mobility from all Armenian Universities to programme countries university with the idea to practically learn new paths of teaching and new teaching methods in practically oriented master courses like the new one developed by the consortium. This will bring added value and ensure the quality of the delivery of the new modules at home universities after the mobility is completed. It is very important to mention the that the teacher mobility will be harmonized with the students mobility, the idea is to allow Armenian ad nEu professors and students to work all together on development of start up projects which.The EU experts will assist their partners in the practical teaching as well as in preparation of classes, work material etc. The longer stay as planned adds extra value to the project as this provides a more time and makes possible broader cooperation’s. The teachers from Armenian Universities will develop practical courses, after which they will be able to discuss it with the European colleagues and to compare with ongoing courses at EU university. This will help them in preparing competitive curricula which will make the stakeholders/students competitive not only on regional level but also in global level. Also this will help to pilot scheme of joint Master programme which was elaborated within the consortium. The second advantage of similar mobility is that the connections created will give an opportunity of spreading the word about Armenian success stories also in other countries. Te successful stories will be presented after the mobility in All universities by organization of open discussions and with all stakholders.


Identification and selection of the participants


First of all for the mobility programme the students who is enrolled in the pilot Msc programmes of Armenian HEis will be eligible to participate. For the selection of the students application forms will be created by the project members. All students will requested to present their start up projects/ innovative ideas in biobased production in English and to submit along with their motivation letter.

The selection committee will be formed by involvement of the teachers from EU and Armenian HEis as well as associated partners. Who will select students. The selected students will pass skype interview with host institutions. For teachers each university will recommend the teachers. Final selection will made by the committee organised within the project consortium who are experts in innovation and entrepreneurship especially in the field of biobased production and innovation development will be selected based on their motivations and potential for further qualification.

In addition the following criteria will be used:

Criteria for staff: Work experience in the related area; Language skills (in the case of lack of knowledge; grouping the teachers in clusters so that professors who possess the knowledge are attached to their peers who do not possess the knowledge); Logical coherence in modules based on Master Programs; Experience of participation in international projects; Diverse composition of participants: professors/assistant professors/lecturers, external relations reps, management body in charge of the sector/area ;Staff which is involved in the industry

Criteria for students: Language skills; Average qualitative grade; Compliance with priorities/interests in research/education area; Maximum compliance and harmonization of credits