The Network of Excellence in Bioproducts Technology and Sciences is a state-of-the-art research facility that’s spearheading bioproducts research methodologies, production technologies and solutions across a broad range of industries. The  Armenian Network of Excellence in Bioproducts Technology and Sciences is the first education,  research and development community in Armenia, committed to finding sustainable solutions to national and international problems by further improving the quality of people’s socioeconomic lives. Equipped with the latest technologies for education and research and a world-class team of professors, graduate, and post-doctoral level students, our collaborative team has made and continues to make significant contributions toa rapidly developing field.

The Network will focus on the advancement of Bioproducts related research and education. It was founded on the idea that scientific research translates into advances in society. Today, we’re leading research that is improving key business functions across a diverse range of industries that are at the forefront of Armenia’s rapidly developing economy. Our philosophy is one of preservation and sustainability, and our Network offers a multidisciplinary approach to solving some of Armenia’s and global  most pressing challenges. Our students, professors and partners are developing innovative ways to bolster the quality of agricultural and food production in order to help generate greater economic development by expanding the connections between Farmers and Horticulturists, Researchers, and Entrepreneurs.


To build an innovative education and research platform on bioproducts science and technology on national (Armenian) and international levels.


To strengthen the bioproducts education and research in Armenia by providing a unique environment and a capacity based on the network of collaborators and shared resources.


  • Establish a database within the network to ensure availability of the information on ongoing activities and research projects, as well as results for the national and international partners
  • Continuously expand core facilities and develop mechanisms of joint use of the facilities by the network partners,  which includes not only equipment, but also training of the specialists
  • Develop network Master programmes, joint modules, thematic short term training programmes